The company

Geoger is Dr Alastair Graham.

Alastair has more than 20 years of experience in remote sensing and environmental work, and has held roles in both academia and the commercial sector.

Setting up Geoger enables him to:

  • engage fully with his passion for all things Earth observation and environmental data;
  • push forward his interest in open source technologies in the spatial/environmental sector; and
  • work directly with clients to implement effective solutions. Where appropriate these will use open source, but the best solutions to the problem at hand will always be the main driving force.

In 2014 Geoger was shortlisted in the New Business category of the West Oxfordshire Business Awards.

In 2017, Alastair created and hosted the Rasters Revealed conference, designed to bring together those with an interest in spatially gridded data with an aim to share experiences across different sectors.

In 2018, Alastair teamed up with Andrew Cutts to create and host the Scene From Above podcast which discusses topics related to Earth observation.

In 2019 Alastair was proud to be one of the first independent consultants to become a JNCC Business Associate, allowing him to work on a number of exciting Government led collaborations.

Open data and open source

Alastair is a user and proponent of open-source software and open data. He is also a committee member of OSGeo:UK an organisation dedicated to promoting open source software in the geographical sciences. An open alternative will always be suggested to clients.

The benefits of using free and open source software and data, to you as a client include:

  • Access to what are often state-of-the-art algorithms and software development;
  • Customised solutions based on specific needs;
  • Flexibility in choosing the right software to answer your problem, as multiple pieces of software are often developed to answer very specific questions;
  • Interoperability between data and operating systems;
  • Fully auditable code, if you need to understand exactly what it is doing; and
  • Reduced fees, as a consequence of passing on our reduce overheads.

Advocacy as to how open source can help Geoger’s clients is a key part of the company ethos, because as well as keeping down costs, it provides a more robust long-term alternative.

Alastair is also keen to give back to the developers as often as possible.