A specialist service delivered with a human touch. Whatever the project Geoger provides expertise at a level of communication that fits with your knowledge and experience

Nigel Fisher
Head Conservator, Wytham Woods, University of Oxford

I met Alastair at an Oxfordshire conference and we stayed in touch. Since that chance encounter, we have co-developed communications materials (picked up and published by New Scientist magazine), and partnered on a major project regarding landscape approaches (jointly contributing to the nationally released NCUB Food 4.0 report. Geoger has brought a new technical capability to 3Keel which is supporting our growth, such that we are currently developing a joint venture

Simon Miller
Partner, 3Keel LLP

“The project had a very short timescale, which meant that all parties had to be organised and highly focused on the task at hand in order to complete it on time and maintain a high standard. This certainly was the case and the outputs of the project were of a very high standard, well written and relevant to the initial specification”

Paul Robinson
EO Applications Manager, JNCC

SterlingGEO have worked with Geoger right from its inception in 2013. Alastair brings an invaluable combination of geo-technical knowledge and practical application dealing with problems and the challenges we have set him. Everything we have asked has always been returned with interest, exemplified by some recent work looking at innovation projects and potential future ESA programmes

Phil Cooper
Director, SterlingGEO

We are happy to work with Geoger and have called upon Alastair for responsive, expert advice on a number of projects. We find him to be approachable and friendly to work alongside. In our business sector, inputs needs to be flexible and creative and we know that Geoger is a reliable source of information

Michael Lawrence
Business Development Director, Deimos Space UK

Since having met Alastair (Geoger) at an event to promote closer ties between the Open University and industry, we have worked together on a Pathfinder project and have secured funding for a proof-of-concept study. To facilitate this and future work, Geoger and the OU have signed an official collaboration agreement. Alastair understands how to work within academic research frameworks with an eye to creating potentially commercial applications, and I am sure the partnership that will last beyond the lifetime of the current project.

Matt Balme
Senior Lecturer, The Open University

Geoger was contracted to research the technical options surrounding some of the back-end web-mapping functionality of the TeamSurv product. Alastair completed the work required in a timely and professional manner, suggesting a number of open source options to be considered.

Tim Thornton
Director, TeamSurv