Trello: An update

Back in May you may have seen my post about how I use Trello.  This is just a quick update to let you know about some additional functionality that I came across. To give a bit of context, I have been looking for a way to share interesting URLs between the Chrome browser on my Linux … More Trello: An update

Manage that project

At Geoger, I believe that project management should be: Light touch Low effort Effective Collaborative Open and clear With this in mind, I tend to use two main project management systems to keep track of progress when I am contracted to be the PM. One of these is a ‘master spreadsheet’ with a custom built … More Manage that project

User experience

Last month the Ubuntu 18.04 Linux distribution was released. If you are a Linux user you will be aware that there are various different desktop environments that can be installed on an operating system. If you are not a Linux user, the concept of a desktop environment may initially cause some confusion – I know … More User experience

Software: Trello

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I have looked at using Trello as a way of generating and managing my task list. Although Trello is great for many things, I just didn’t find it the right fit for managing my day to day tasks (despite there being numerous posts and videos on the … More Software: Trello

Open licences

Software These two sites are incredibly useful if you want to choose or understand an open licence for some software: From these sites you can see just how many different open licence variants there are. Despite this, there are just a few that are commonly used, as shown in the ‘Most Popular’ column … More Open licences

Python for Data Crunching

Just like many people these days, I use a variety of Python modules in some of my data processing needs. Although many of these are spatial libraries, I also use the brilliant Anaconda distribution and have recently linked this through to the lightweight Rodeo IDE. The following video provides a great introduction to the history … More Python for Data Crunching

Community Thanks

Who are your Free (open) Software heroes? This was a question asked last October as part of the Linux Voice podcast. The full series of responses can be found here: and it’s well worth a read. This got me thinking about who has influenced me most in my use of open source and open data. The … More Community Thanks