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A first look at Sentinel 2 imagery

The European Sentinel 2 mission is now live and returning data. This is great news for everyone! Admittedly the usable coverage of the UK is currently quite low thanks to a lot of winter cloud, but an image collected in December 2015 has a reasonable amount of southern England visible to the sensor. The images… Continue reading A first look at Sentinel 2 imagery

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Satellites for Agri-Food

The other week I went to a great event held in London at the Trade Union Congress building and hosted by Innovate UK. As stated on the event page: This event brings together leading Agriculture, Food and Space companies to understand the challenges in the agriculture and food sector and what satellites can do to help. Innovate… Continue reading Satellites for Agri-Food

Remote sensing

Soggy soils

Soil moisture is a key variable for environmental and agricultural models. Later this month a new satellite mission will be launched that will allow researchers, businesses and organisations understand changes in global soil moisture in more detail. Here at Geoger Ltd. we have our fingers crossed for a successful launch and deployment of the system. Below are… Continue reading Soggy soils