OS MasterMap

Earlier this month, the UK Government announced that specific parts of the Ordnance Survey's flagship mapping product, MasterMap, will be made available as Open Data (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/unlocking-of-governments-mapping-and-location-data-to-boost-economy-by-130m-a-year). This is one of the first projects to be delivered by the new Geospatial Commission and is being undertaken to kickstart new innovations and ideas. This is great news, … Continue reading OS MasterMap

Amazing openness

On the 8th and 9th March 2018 I attended the FOSS4G:UK conference in London. London, I am in you Now for the tube #foss4guk pic.twitter.com/ZFjrxHKJdF — Alastair @ Geoger (@ajggeoger) March 8, 2018 This is a conference for promoting the great things that can be done using free and open source software for geospatial applications. … Continue reading Amazing openness

FOSS4G:UK workshop details

On 8th March I gave a workshop on satellite data processing at FOSS4G:UK in London. This post details that you'll need to know before attending the workshop, and post-workshop if you want the instruction sheet 🙂 For this workshop you need to have downloaded the datasets provided online. This is really important, because there is … Continue reading FOSS4G:UK workshop details

LiDAR and trenches revisited

There have been many interesting stories reported for the centenary of the First World War, some of which have a spatial data component. One such report recently told of the use of LiDAR technologies to (literally!) unearth defences from that period. Historic England, who commissioned the research, uses a variety of remote sensing methods and … Continue reading LiDAR and trenches revisited

A further Defra project win

Geoger is pleased to announce the award of a new Defra consultancy contract. We are part of a consortium led by Specto Natura Ltd along with APMGeo Ltd which is tasked to operationalise the creation of a set of generic indicator products under the Earth Observation Data Integration Pilot (EODIP) project framework. The project takes the technical specification for an … Continue reading A further Defra project win

Open data and Metaldehyde risk mapping [update]

This is an updated post based on this blog post from 2014. The work presented here is still a proof of concept to demonstrate the utility of open data. If you'd like to work with Geoger to develop this further, please get in touch. The idea Metaldehyde is a pesticide found primarily in slug pellets and associated products, … Continue reading Open data and Metaldehyde risk mapping [update]

Open elevation data & archaeology: Part 1

Over the last year Geoger has been working with researchers at Wytham Woods (the Oxford University research wood, to the west of the city) to investigate the utility of LiDAR data for uncovering archaeological features - specifically, the remains of a network of World War 1 training trenches. The work started with the use of … Continue reading Open elevation data & archaeology: Part 1