Trello: An update

Back in May you may have seen my post about how I use Trello.  This is just a quick update to let you know about some additional functionality that I came across. To give a bit of context, I have been looking for a way to share interesting URLs between the Chrome browser on my Linux … More Trello: An update

A view of renewables

This is just a short post to highlight a brilliant website I came across. The site is provided by EarthTime and shows a series of stories around the uptake of renewable energy. Check it out for yourselves at: If you look at teh Stories tab on the website then there are a whole load of … More A view of renewables

Discover water

This is a great site that I’ve come across recently: It’s full of statistics and information about the whole lifecycle of your water in the UK. Although some of the things they do from a corporate stand point can be questioned, I think that the water companies sometimes get unfairly knocked regarding the work they … More Discover water

EO: the next generation

On the 13th March I attended the RSPSoc Wavelength 2018 conference. This is a student and young professional conference, held annually in different locations around the country and hosted by the RSPSoc Student representative for a given year (along with the shadow rep, ready for the next year). This year the conference was held in … More EO: the next generation