A view of renewables

This is just a short post to highlight a brilliant website I came across. The site is provided by EarthTime and shows a series of stories around the uptake of renewable energy. Check it out for yourselves at: https://earthtime.org/stories/renewables If you look at teh Stories tab on the website then there are a whole load of … More A view of renewables

Suffering, from space

The following images are annotated screenshots of Sentinel-2 L1C imagery collected as part of the European Copernicus programme. The upper two images show image data collected in November 2016, whilst the lower two images show the same area in January 2018. The images on the lefthand side are false colour composites constructed using near infrared … More Suffering, from space

Wytham video

Late last year, I was lucky enough to have been involved in the creation of one of the episodes of the University of Oxford’s “The Laboratory with Leaves” series of videos. The whole series is well worth a watch as it details the various different facets of research work that are being undertaken at Wytham … More Wytham video

30 years of fascination

In 1987, I was still at secondary school. I loved geography lessons, particularly physical geography, and specifically meteorology. I always thought that I would become a climatologist. Then the “Storm of ’87” struck, and it changed everything for me. I was lucky enough that my Geography teacher had won a grant to install a satellite … More 30 years of fascination

Out and about in the field

For the last year or so I have been working alongside members of the Open University Planetary Environments Research Group on developing some workflows and data processing techniques. The PI for the project is Dr Matt Balme and there have been a few post-doctoral researchers (Susan Conway, Talfan Barnie) the most recent of whom is … More Out and about in the field