A further Defra project win

Geoger is pleased to announce the award of a new Defra consultancy contract. We are part of a consortium led by Specto Natura Ltd along with APMGeo Ltd which is tasked to operationalise the creation of a set of generic indicator products under the Earth Observation Data Integration Pilot (EODIP) project framework. The project takes the technical specification for an … Continue reading A further Defra project win

Introducing GIS and spatial data

Geographical Information Systems Geographical Information Systems are integral to modern systems of managing, analysing and reporting spatial data. The following introductory video sets out some of the basic GIS concepts. At its core, a GIS is a management and display system for spatial data. There are many benefits of using such a system including: effectively managing … Continue reading Introducing GIS and spatial data

Not just an EO company

Tomorrow (17th June 2016) I will be attending the 'From satellite to soil: connecting environmental observation to agri-tech innovations' event at the Royal Institution. Details on the event are provided here: https://royalsociety.org/events/2016/06/observation-and-agritech/ and for me, one of the key phrases in the event description is "in the middle of this value chain are intermediary companies … Continue reading Not just an EO company

What’s the point?

I was really surprised the other day to hear someone that I really respect both personally and professionally, throw up their arms and state (with feeling) 'what's the point?'. This was in response to them reading yet another report whereby economic interests were put ahead of green ones, at the detriment to the local and global environment. All … Continue reading What’s the point?