Too many messages!

I am in a quandary about my communications. I use so many apps and services! Currently I have accounts for, and can interact with individuals using, the following methods..... TwitterLinkedInEmail - four different accountsTelegramWhatsAppGoogle HangoutsGoogle GroupsGoogle MeetSkypeSlackTrelloWordpressTeamwork ChatFacebook MessengerSignalSMSOh, and I can also have a phone that can be called! Twitter and LinkedIn are generally pretty … Continue reading Too many messages!

A great start to 2020

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) exists to assess and mitigate the effects of desertification and drought at national and international levels through a programme of strategic international cooperation and partnership. First recommended as part of Agenda 21, and becoming active in 1996, it is the only internationally legally binding framework set up … Continue reading A great start to 2020