Can I help you?

There are many ways in which Alastair can help you and your company deliver.

And there are many benefits of using Geoger, but don’t just take my word for it, check out the Client Testimonials too.

  • Experience – solving problems and finding solutions using environmental data and remote sensing, and open IT systems;
  • Interest – in your company, your project, the work you are undertaking and how it can be further enhanced;
  • Expertise – delivered by a respected and recognised specialist; and
  • Proven cost-effective and value-based service.

Contact ‘Alastair at Geoger’ through this website or on social media to start the conversation about how I can help you. Some common requests are listed below:

Can Geoger help us discover new methods?

Yes! Whatever you want to look at in more detail, I can help. I relish investigating new methods, data or software and can undertake research into all technical and environmental project components. I can undertake technical assessments, group workshops, online and in-person interviewing – all on a wide variety of related topics (e.g. remote sensing & image processing, spatial data, Linux and scientific computing etc) to help your organisation maximise its potential. I aim to fit where you need assistance most, and work using transparent and collaborative methods.

How do we move to opensource and open data?

I use Linux and open source software on a daily basis, and have done since starting Geoger. Many organisations are using open technologies more and more, and I can advise and implement open standards and systems and guide you on community engagement and development.

On a more practical level I can source, manage, and process environmental data, including satellite imagery, maximise your hardware and software capacity, create bespoke workflows for your business, establishing spatial data handling and processing frameworks to help grow your business, and undertake software and data evaluations to help guide you in the best choices for future business.

Are you able to help us communicate our findings?

I edit and release the Scene From Above podcast and can bring those skills to deliver on your needs. I can create clear messaging to communicate complex concepts and engage your clients using audio through bespoke podcast creation. I’ve also written hundreds of documents, including reports, articles, blogs, full websites and academic papers and would be happy to help you with written aspects of your communication strategy.