Rasters Revealed

On Tuesday 21 Feb, Geoger hosted the inaugural Rasters Revealed one-day conference at Worcester College, Oxford. The conference was organised to try and pull together attendees from across different sectors to share and discuss their use of a common data-type, namely spatial raster grids. There were 57 attendees in total on the day which was a … More Rasters Revealed

A further Defra project win

Geoger is pleased to announce the award of a new Defra consultancy contract. We are part of a consortium led by Specto Natura Ltd along with APMGeo Ltd which is tasked to operationalise the creation of a set of generic indicator products under the Earth Observation Data Integration Pilot (EODIP) project framework. The project takes the technical specification for an … More A further Defra project win

A partridge in a….

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post, and  that’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve been really busy! Which is great. There’s been a lot on at the moment culminating in a heady nexus of getting existing contracts finished, negotiating new work and starting new contracts, as well as tendering for … More A partridge in a….

Know your site!

About 18 months ago we had solar panels installed on Geoger Towers (this may or may not be an accurate description of the Geoger office!). With this comes the ability to monitor power generation and use, as well as a host of other things. During the install we were warned that a small tree in … More Know your site!

Rasters Revealed

In February 2017, I am planning to put on a one-day meeting called Rasters Revealed. The idea behind this is to focus on the use of geospatial raster data of all kinds and how it is managed, distributed, processed and analysed. Linked to this will be issues around what raster-centric software is used to complete these … More Rasters Revealed