One life, live it. One planet, help it.

I love working for myself through the mechanism of Geoger. I really do. I get the chance to work with some great clients, looking at a wide range of issues - some technological, some commercial, many of them researching new methods and tools. But with so many amazing things in the world, and so many … Continue reading One life, live it. One planet, help it.

Simple solutions

A couple of years ago I was asked to undertake some analysis of a river catchment to assess various ecosystem services. It was something that Sentinel-2 was perfect for, as I needed to rapidly and cheaply obtain a time series of imagery, classify the imagery into various different classes and then return some zonal statistics … Continue reading Simple solutions

Living Planet Symposium (from afar)

Wow! The European Space Agency's Living Planet Symposium 2019 is creating a huge positive feeling towards Earth observation this week - and I'm not even there! One of the nicest things for those of us who have been unable to get there has been the social media wall (created using I'd not come across … Continue reading Living Planet Symposium (from afar)