Suffering, from space

The following images are annotated screenshots of Sentinel-2 L1C imagery collected as part of the European Copernicus programme. The upper two images show image data collected in November 2016, whilst the lower two images show the same area in January 2018. The images on the lefthand side are false colour composites constructed using near infrared … More Suffering, from space

Getting that job

At Geoger, I get quite a lot of approaches from students and new professionals looking for that first position in the Earth observation (EO) sector – unfortunately the plan for Geoger doesn’t currently involve taking on staff, but this may change. Typically, these approaches come from people with a background in GIS although I also … More Getting that job

Rasters Rev 2018: Bookings open!

I am delighted to announce that bookings are now open for Rasters Revealed 2018. Please use the following link to purchase your place at the conference and make sure that you attend this engaging event. BOOK HERE: The 2017 conference was a sell-out event, and based on the feedback I’ve had, it looks as […] … More Rasters Rev 2018: Bookings open!

Networking challenges

One of the things that you need to become good at pretty quickly when you are an independent consultant is networking. For many, particularly for those working in the technology and science arenas, networking is not the most natural of things. Working out how to break into a small group of people that you want … More Networking challenges

Wytham video

Late last year, I was lucky enough to have been involved in the creation of one of the episodes of the University of Oxford’s “The Laboratory with Leaves” series of videos. The whole series is well worth a watch as it details the various different facets of research work that are being undertaken at Wytham … More Wytham video

Open licences

Software These two sites are incredibly useful if you want to choose or understand an open licence for some software: From these sites you can see just how many different open licence variants there are. Despite this, there are just a few that are commonly used, as shown in the ‘Most Popular’ column … More Open licences