Elevator pitch

Throughout the seven and a half years that I have been trading as Geoger, I have been thinking about, refining, re-thinking and worrying over what my elevator pitch is? In its simplest form, an elevator pitch is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch designed to help you portray your skills, knowledge, and credentials in a short space of time. Having a robust elevator pitch is one of the things that was highlighted to me when I started Geoger. “If you can’t describe what you do, then no one will hire you” was a common refrain. Scary stuff when starting out on your own.

Over the years I have tried various different machinations of a pitch, which is supposed to be one or two sentences long. Invariably these have always involved words like ‘geospatial’, ‘Earth observation’, ‘remote sensing’ and ‘image processing’. That’s great if the person you are talking to knows what those words mean, and great if that is what you do.

But invariably,

  • people don’t know our sector specific terminology,
  • people don’t really care about what we think we can do but rather about whether we can help, and
  • the skills and interests of the person pitching change.

On a video call the other day I was discussing the role of elevator pitches, and whilst getting rather more animated about the topic than I should, I realised that the following sentence perfectly sums up what I am able to do as a micro-business:

‘I help you solve your problems’

It’s that simple. But that’s what I and Geoger do. Yes, I currently work in the Earth observation sector, and I have a history in satellite data processing, and a passion for open systems, but one thing that 2020 has taught me is that I am a problem solver, that I have a wide range of skills, I have a hunger to keep learning, I love to get things done, and I find it personally satisfying if I am able to help someone else.

It might take a while to get there, but I hope that you also come up with a pitch that helps sum up what you offer – whether that’s personal or as an organisation.

Bill 109 Proposes Strict Rules for Elevator Professionals - REMI Network