BARSC Online Huddle VIII

This afternoon I chaired the BARSC Online Huddle VIII event. This, as you may be aware, is the pandemic-icised (yes, that’s now a thing!) version of the events that BARSC used to hold in person in London. The idea is to give the UK commercial remote sensing community, and anyone else who wants to learn about or interact with that community, the opportunity to present some of their work or thoughts to a like-minded audience. Each event has a loose topic to guide discussions, and today’s was ‘EO during lockdown‘.

There were four presentations in total, given to about 20 attendees.

  • Andrew Lavender, Pixalytics
    • Andrew spoke about the unforeseen challenges of travel restrictions and how this affected an international project that Pixalytics is working on. The great thing about this, as stated in the discussion afterwards, is that it turned into a really positive story as the engagement within and around the project and the level of planning for the work has been much higher.
  • Geoff Smith, Specto-Natura
    • Presented a really engaging review of some of the online events and conferences that have been happening during lockdown related to Earth observation and space more broadly. It certainly sounds like there are some novel ideas out there about how to drive personal engagement and knowledge sharing as we move towards wholly digital work lives (or just lives!).
  • Alastair Graham, Geoger
    • I wanted to talk about some of the concepts and ideas that I’ve come across over the summer. This was based around tweaking the ‘Build back better’ message to be ‘Build back differently’. I have been really impressed by Enspiral and the ‘Don’t go back to normal‘ website – I’ll probably do a few more posts on this blog explaining my thinking around these in a bit more detail.
  • Alistair Maclenan, Quarry One Eleven
    • Alistair laid out his thoughts on marketing strategies and tactics in a time when almost all of this will need to be digital. The messages for effective marketing remain broadly the same, but the ability to have the same impact is much harder and making cost-effective decisions is critical.

This was a fun event with some great discussions based around the presentations.

The next BARSC Online Huddle will be held on December 11th at 2pm. I’m really looking forward to this one which is themed ‘EO for Energy Transition‘ and looks to bring together practitioners from both the Earth observation and energy sectors.