7 Years

So it has been 7 years today since Geoger Ltd came into being!

It seems an age since I first made the decision (in April 2013) to resign my previous position and strike out on my own. I remember walking round Boston (in the USA – everyone needs an origin story!) harbour with my partner, agonising over whether starting my own business was a good idea. By August, everything was in place to give it a go. An, it seems to be working out well. It’s certainly been the most relaxing/nerve-wracking, enjoyable/frustrating, fun/serious, certain/unsure time that I’ve had in my career to date. As anyone starting a business for the first time will tell you, all of those feeling and emotions (and more) happen on a frequent basis (often in the same hour, depending on what you are working on!).

But I have loved the last 7 years – I’ve met and worked with some awesome and inspiring clients, undertaken a diverse tranche of work, learnt new skills, broadened my professional network, been able to ‘just try something out’ on multiple occasions to see if it works, made new friends, been the recipient of the results of my own decisions (good and bad!), and managed to turn a modest profit each year.

As I’ve said before, if you are thinking of starting out on your own in business spend some time weighing up the risks and rewards and if you think it is for you then GO FOR IT! It’s a great experience, irrespective of how well it works out. And who knows, you might create the next ESRI, or Planet, or whatever you want!

Also, Geoger is still here and going strong, so if you have a need for geographical, environmental or research services and skills, then drop me a line.