At the British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC) AGM in September 2019 I was voted in as Vice-Chair of the organisation. It is an honour to be chosen for this position as I had only joined the committee in July! The purpose of the organisation, as set out on its website, is:

Promoting the expertise of British-based Earth observation companies and organisations …. [BARSC is] …. dedicated to furthering and promoting the interests of everyone and anyone working with remote sensing data, technology and hardware from within Britain and exporting to the world

I have some ideas of what I would like the organisation to be doing, and hopefully will be able to find the time and support from the commercial EO sector to enact on some of them.  Keep an eye on the BARSC website and LinkedIn group! And if your company is not a member of BARSC, then do consider joining. If there is a specific event, discussion or other issue that you’d like to see actively pursued by the organisation (as long as it sits within our remit) then get in touch with me or other members of the committee and we’ll see how we can help.