One life, live it. One planet, help it.

I love working for myself through the mechanism of Geoger. I really do. I get the chance to work with some great clients, looking at a wide range of issues – some technological, some commercial, many of them researching new methods and tools.

But with so many amazing things in the world, and so many problems that need addressing, I want to do even more. In this blog post I want to quickly outline some of the areas that I am most interested in, and if you need additional support in these areas then please do get in touch.

EV and renewables

We are living in a time of a declared climate emergency. I can do a certain amount in my personal life to address that, but I want to do more in my work life. I am a huge proponent of the move towards electric vehicles and the clean energy transition and would love to get more involved in this area. I have a wide range of technical and business skills that would be transferable, but I am also keen to keep learning new things – and I’ve learn’t a lot just from having various renewable systems installed at home!

Open source technology

Open source software, open data, open communities and open business practices are brilliant. I currently do a large amount of work around the geospatial aspects of this area, but I want to encourage more companies to make the move to open source. There are so many benefits to using open source software and open data (not just reduced costs), many of which I have written about before. If you are getting frustrated with your proprietary operating systems and software then drop me a line and we can have a discussion about how a move to more open technologies could help you.

Habitat renewal

Habitats need as much help from us as possible, with climate change and environmentally destructive processes having an ever greater impact. In particular, upland and coastal habitats are being heavily impacted and are often overlooked in favour of forests and other land cover types. It would be great to link up with ecologists and practitioners to make real-world changes to how these habitats (and others) are managed.

The time for words is rapidly coming to an end, and we all need to play an active part in helping to reduce the impact of human society on the planet. I really want to help you do this in practical ways.