Is EO exciting?

This is just a short blog post to remind all of us in the Earth observation, remote sensing and geospatial sectors to think about how we communicate to others about what it is that we do.

Specifically, we need to communicate our excitement and passion for the world we work in. I attend (sadly) too many events and talks that end up discussing the nitty-gritty of some small aspect of a project but don’t convey why that’s exciting, or interesting or worth listening to.

Through the Scene From Above podcast, Andrew Cutts and I attempt to convey our enthusiasm for all the great things happening at the moment to progress our knowledge and understanding of the world through EO technologies. In September I am looking forward to presenting at the FOSS4G:UK conference in Edinburgh on “Cool EO: Awesome FOSS for remote sensing” (I’ve set myself up for that one now – it will have to be enthusiastic!).

There are some awesome technical feats occurring in and around Earth observation and the space sector more widely. Let’s shout about them and get everyone we know just as excited.