Collaboration not competition

Above my desk are a series of sticky notes, created when I first started Geoger and kept in sight so that I don’t lose focus of the type of business I want to run and undertake. One of those notes has written on it ‘collaboration not competition’.

In the May/June issue of GeoConnexion magazine there was an interesting and persuasive article written by George Lindsay of GSI that states a very similar viewpoint. In the article he states that ‘partnerships in the space sector are booming’, and that in terms of Earth observation based organisations this makes sense because ‘it is … made up of small companies monitoring billions of hectares of land to glean insight about relatively small areas’. Lindsay states that companies are starting to merge more and more and that this consolidation could signal the end of the EO industry, or more likely is pointing to the evolution of the sector into a mature market player.

In part, we see a similar story in terms of the numbers of cloud-based processing platforms that are available. At the moment these are numerous and widely available, but not all will be able to be maintained. Over time, mergers and user preferences will result in a few well respected and robust systems being available. But that is probably a topic for a different post.

The article mentions the upcoming EARSC EO marketplace, ‘a one-stop shop [which] would provide organisations with a central hub to find the products and services that they may need to solve a problem’. I agree with the analysis in the article that this is probably a very good idea and likely to succeed and will probably be very beneficial to smaller organisations. Indeed, it will also help smaller organisations find each other and foster more collaboration (as the BARSC website currently does).

Pooling skills, removing the duplication of effort, sharing experiences, and extending expertise all come from collaboration. At Geoger, I am always looking for new partnerships to help build exciting teams that can deliver great work to potential customers. If you think I fit with your business outlook, then please get in touch and we can see where our collaboration leads…..