Recently I’ve been doing much of my processing work using Docker. This containerisation software is great for keeping software and data separate from your base machine, but more importantly allows the same software configuration to be used across different operating systems and hardware. Anyway, more about how I have been using it can be found here.

What I want to mention in this post is some enabling software called Portainer. Whilst Docker can be managed from the command line, and this is often the way I will create and build new resources, the day to day running of a Docker system can be run through Portainer. This is itself a Docker container that allows the images, networks, containers, volumes and more to be managed in ‘click and go’ way. If I need the Jupyter notebook authorisation token I can just look in the Docker logs displayed in Portainer. If I need to spin up or shut down a new container, Portainer.

It can be used to manage Docker swarms and systems way more complex than my couple of containers, and if you are a Docker user then I heartily recommend that you check it out.