Conference costs

I hope that this doesn’t come across as a moan, because it isn’t meant to. It’s more of a query.

Why is it that some conferences are so expensive?

I’d really like to have attended the three events listed below, but their registration costs are prohibitive for independents and micro businesses (and probably many other businesses too):

  • MOVE 2019 – £995
  • Oxford EV Summit – £1000
  • COGX 2019 – £1169

Even if I was a budget holder in a large company, I’d find it hard to justify spending that amount on a single event. Don’t forget that travel and accommodation would be extra on top of these costs.

Decisions about which events to attend all need to come down to the trade off between value and price and I find it difficult to see how anyone would generate enough value from large, expensive conferences like this. Value from conferences and events is generated from networking possibilities, information gathering and the likelihood of securing a business contract (either directly or in the future). Maybe these events are all designed so that one multimillion pound company bumps into another multimillion pound company and transaction is assured,  but my observation of individuals at large events is that many get lost in the crowd.

It is my experience that smaller, targeted, friendly and personal events with affordable registration costs tend to be better value and it is for that reason that I’ll look wistfully at the three events above but move on to find my next event to attend. See you there!