Latest podcast interview

As you may know, I host a podcast on Earth Observation with Andrew Cutts called Scene From Above. You can follow the podcast Twitter account here.

In the latest episode (S3 E4) we were lucky enough to interview Anne Hale Miglarese, the CEO of the Radiant Earth Foundation. This is a great organisation, doing some really positive work to spread the word on what can be done with Earth Observation data. More importantly for myself and Andrew, this is one of the organisations that we think are leading the way in the ‘new’ EO that is starting to change the sector and so is exactly the sort of organisation that we want to promote through the podcast. What’s really cool is that, if you listen to the episode (and search GitHub!), the Radiant Earth Foundation are big supporters of open data, open source software and collaborative working practices.

All things that I try to ascribe to and promote through my work as Geoger.

We look forward to doing more interviews in 2019 with a range of industry key players – if you have suggestions for topics or people to interview, then contact us through @eoscenefrom