Ahh, the fun of creating business names. Over the years there have been some questions about how to pronounce Geoger. The correct way to do so is as in “jogger”. I fear that I was trying to be too clever with my naming strategy, but let me explain the rationale behind it.

The idea was to have a name that sounded like jogger because, as some of you will know, running is a large part of my life outside of work. I thought that a business name that sounded like something I identify with would help people remember who I was. Also, there is the notion that to be a successful distance runner, you need to keep a steady pace, but put in a lot of effort to make sure you deliver in the race. I liked the way that these ideals mapped onto my idea of what an independent business should be.

Then there was the fact that I wanted the company to deal with geographical data and concepts in the broadest of terms. So the first part of the name was taken from “Geography”. Next, I was keen that I positioned the company in the applications area that I most align with, the environment. And finally I wanted potential customers to recognise that I have a strong background in research.

So that’s Geography. Environment. Research = Geoger

Since starting the company I have strengthened my skills in the IT sphere as well, and now deal primarily with the open source Linux operating system, as well as developing an interest in cloud platforms such as AWS and software that creates operational devops systems.

I am proud of what Geoger is and that it offers more than just Earth Observation skills. Over the next few months I will be releasing blog posts that detail some of these areas. In the meantime, if you want to discuss how I could help with data sourcing, processing and management then please get in touch.