Why are you doing that?

There are a lot of blog posts and sites that tell us all how we are supposed to be living the life we want, whilst making it have purpose and also being super successful. Many of them are carbon copies of each other.

Maybe the post I am about to reference is just another one of these, but it resonated with me for some reason.

For the original post, check out “Why you need a why

Having a value system behind your business, or at least behind the reason that you created your business, is a crucial aspect of having a business that you (and your employees or associates, if you have them) can believe in. Being able to articulate what you DO, and conversely what you (and your business) DON’T stand for is important in identifying your business to clients and potential new customers. But when you are starting a micro-business, stating those values is a tough thing to do. We just want ‘money in’, right? Success can just be measured as ‘£ through the door’?

I think (hope) that I’ve been fairly consistent about the things that Geoger values:

  • adherence to openness, whether that’s in software, data, standards or management
  • giving back when possible to the community that supports Geoger, whether that be financially or with time or resources
  • honesty about what is possible, and what should be done (rather than bellowing about could be done)

but I’ve not been so vocal about what Geoger won’t do. In part this is because of a concern that I’d be offending or alienating potential clients, and in part it is because of a fear that by not always being ready for any job that you’ll limit your options. However, now that Geoger has been successfully trading for 5 years I have the confidence to state that Geoger (me!) does not undertake work for companies in the Defence or Oil & Gas sectors. That’s not a slight on anyone who does work in those sectors, and I have to acknowledge that some very cool technology gets developed in those sectors, but for personal ethical reasons that’s just not where I am positioning Geoger.

And it’s OK to say so.

It’s my ‘Why’.