Manage that project

At Geoger, I believe that project management should be:

  • Light touch
  • Low effort
  • Effective
  • Collaborative
  • Open and clear

With this in mind, I tend to use two main project management systems to keep track of progress when I am contracted to be the PM.

One of these is a ‘master spreadsheet’ with a custom built set of performance indicator trackers that link through to a simple dashboard that I use for smaller projects and host in the cloud. Specific team members are granted access to the document if required, and client is granted access to the online dashboard. The feedback I’ve had when using this bespoke PM tool has been very favourable, from team members and clients alike.

The second PM tool I use, mainly for larger projects, is an online software service designed for embedded collaboration between project team members. I love this software as it allows the generation of a Gantt chart that’s linked to a task list (which can also be shown in a Kanban style if required), it allows people management and simple email based updates and reminders, offers a centralised location for commenting and sharing files, can integrate with other cloud services, manages milestones and the risk register for you, and offers workload balancing options too. Oh, and it has a mobile app and offers a chat service, if the project is particularly fast moving. The only thing I’d say against this software is that the dashboard isn’t quite as good as the one I created myself!

I really enjoy being a PM and feel that it sits nicely alongside my technical role in many of the projects I do. If you’d like to find out how these tools, and my PM experience, can help your next project then please drop me a line through the website.