Software: Trello

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I have looked at using Trello as a way of generating and managing my task list. Although Trello is great for many things, I just didn’t find it the right fit for managing my day to day tasks (despite there being numerous posts and videos on the web that show how this could be done – not least this).


Trello is perfect for managing those little projects that need a couple of people working on them, without the need for Gantt charts, and burn-down charts and all that business process gubbins. I use a Trello board to manage the Scene From Above podcast that I co-host along with Andew Cutts. It’s the perfect piece of software to enable us to create a list per episode and then add cards to that list – running order, interesting links, topic ideas, potential interviewees etc.


We can assign cards (tasks) to each other and can give them priorities based on labels that we set up. Each card can also have a due date added to it. Once the show has been completed, then the list can be moved to the end of the board, and eventually the season’s lists will be archived. There are all sorts of integrations that can be made with the boards and lists and I think I have only scratched the surface of the power of Trello.

If you haven’t tried Trello then set up an account and have a crack.