How to listen to Scene From Above

We are starting to get some feedback about the Scene From Above podcast, which is great because it means that there are listeners! If you aren’t already listening to this podcast all about Earth Observation, and how it is evolving to make use of new sensors and analytical techniques, then here are some ways in which you can start.


First off, if you head over to either of the websites linked to Alastair or Andrew then you will be able to access the podcast on those pages. Just find the episode you want and press the play icon.


Next, the podcast is also available through the Blubrry Directory:

from where you can subscribe to the channel using multiple methods.



If you prefer to use iTunes then the podcast is listed in their directory which is accessible on the web using the following link:

Searching in the iTunes Store (through the iTunes software) will also return a link to the podcast, from where you can subscribe and always have the latest episode turn up in iTunes.


Direct RSS

Depending on your podcast app, you may want to access the RSS feed directly. The URL for that is below – just copy and paste it into the relevant place in your podcast app.

Podcast Addict

There are many (MANY!!!) podcast players that you can install on a phone or tablet, but one of our favourites is Podcast Addict. In our experience, it just works. Like many of its competitors it is able to access podcasts using different methods.

Once installed, if you open the app and press the ‘+’ icon at the top right of the screen you will be presented with the various ways you can add a podcast. Using the ‘Search Engine’ option you will be directed to a search box that has a checkbox to enable the iTunes store. Just search for ‘Scene From Above’ with the checkbox ticked and the podcast should come up – this is probably the simplest way to access the various episodes.

You can also directly enter the RSS feed link using the option below the Search Engine button. You might want to copy and paste if you are using this method!

Direct download

Many of the apps and software used for accessing podcasts will allow you to download an episode for offline listening. If you prefer to do that directly and download an mp3 file then this can be completed by going to Andrew’s page and look for the ‘Scene From Above Sx Ex’ link under each episode player (where the x is the season and episode number. Right click that link and download the file.

A note about Google Play podcasts

We have been asked when we will put the podcast onto Google Play. Unfortunately, Google Play Podcasts is not available as a service in the UK at the moment, but once we are able to do so we will make sure that Scene From Above is added to their listing.


Have we missed your favourite podcast channel? Let us know if you want us to add the podcast elsewhere by using the hashtag #scenefromabove on Twitter and mentioning @map_andrew or @ajggeoger.