Software: todoist

As an independent consultant I am very aware of the need to be efficient with my use of time. One of the things that I found I was doing inefficiently was tracking the tasks that I needed to do. I used to write down all my tasks in a notebook, and then cross-out those that were completed and transpose those that were still to do into a new version of the list. That process usually happened every couple of days.

As I moved my notebook online  (through Google Keep, Trello and detailed calendar entries) the more I needed a digital task tracking package. But I was very specific with my requirement – I didn’t need the collaborative, board-management type task software like Trello, but I needed more than the simple lists in Keep.

Enter todoist.

The free account that I have on this web app is perfect for what I need. I can set up a project, inside which I can list tasks. To each task I can assign a priority and a to-do by date. These sync with the app on my phone, so I can tick off tasks as I complete them.  Boom! Job done.

If you are looking for a task manager that keeps you on track but stays out of the way, I seriously recommend you check out todoist.