Rasters Revealed

On Tuesday 21 Feb, Geoger hosted the inaugural Rasters Revealed one-day conference at Worcester College, Oxford. The conference was organised to try and pull together attendees from across different sectors to share and discuss their use of a common data-type, namely spatial raster grids. There were 57 attendees in total on the day which was a brilliant turnout for this first event and meant that the conference was fully sold out.

The day was split into a number of talks and demonstrations/workshops and the topics can be found on the Rasters Revealed website along with links to slides of most of the presentations. Keep checking back there as slide decks will be posted as they are released by the speakers.

The talks covered a range of topics including data collection and pre-processing, project-based raster processing, operational systems, policy-led raster-based services, cloud processing, specific software libraries and web services & data portals.

One thing that I noted in my summing up was that the meteorology and oceanography sectors seem to have defined their use of raster data, associated standards and methods of processing with some clarity. Obviously individual organisations and data handlers will have their own way of doing things, but as an example there seems to be quite some cohesion around the netCDF file format. I suppose that it could be said that the Earth observation sector tends to coalesce around the GeoTiff format but it just seemed as if there is wider agreement in the Met Ocean arena. I might be wrong and I would welcome comments to this blog.

I extend my thanks to the speakers, the sponsors and to all the attendees who came and helped make it such a great event.