Rasters Revealed

In February 2017, I am planning to put on a one-day meeting called Rasters Revealed. The idea behind this is to focus on the use of geospatial raster data of all kinds and how it is managed, distributed, processed and analysed. Linked to this will be issues around what raster-centric software is used to complete these tasks, as well as consideration of open data and free and open source software.

I have already had a large amount of interest from a range of users of geographic raster information. To help focus the day on issues and topics that the majority of attendees will be interested in, I encourage you to fill in this short (7 questions) survey:

Rasters Revealed: Survey of Wants

Updates will be made on the meeting through the event website (https://rastersrevealed.net/), registration is planned to open in November/December 2016, and you can use the hashtag #rastersrev to discuss on Twitter.