Strive with Strava…


Just a short post this month as work and vacation are taking up most of my time. It does have a mapping theme though.

A few years ago I started to run as a hobby, and aside from all the health benefits this has been great for meeting new people, setting goals and attaining them, and discovering new places. In April this year I (rather late to the party I’m afraid) also discovered Strava. For those that don’t know about Strava, this is a virtual training and racing platform. It lets you record your runs (and bike rides) and then ‘compete’ against others who have run in the same area in the past.

At the beginning of August I went to the south of France for a week. My partner was busy during the day, so with not much to do I checked out on Strava which routes had been logged with local runners. It turned out there were quite a few, and I was able to set up my app and go for ‘a run against the local runners’. Now that I’m home and can assess my times against the others who logged runs with Strava, I can see that the heat went against me – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!



Image CC BY-SA Copyright Andrés Nieto Porras