EODIP Project win

Geoger is pleased to announce the award of a new Defra consultancy contract. We are part of a consortium led by Specto Natura Ltd and with APMGeo Ltd which is specifying a set of generic indicator products under the Earth Observation Data Integration Pilot (EODIP) project framework.

EODIP is a collection of projects seeking to foster greater use of Earth Observation data across Defra and the wider community. In this contract (EODIP 6) we are scoping user requirements for a set of intermediate products derived from satellite imagery that support wide-area mapping so that vegetation type, condition and change can be assessed more clearly.

The project will also develop the technical specification for a future operational system that can generate these products soon after the images are downloaded from the satellites and which will help build a time series of maps that allow exploration of vegetation changes. This project looks to use open data and open-source software where possible.

The products have the potential to be used for a variety of topics in agriculture, forestry and in habitat and biodiversity monitoring. Geoger’s role within the project is project management and technical input in terms of workflow development and data processing.