A first look at Sentinel 2 imagery

The European Sentinel 2 mission is now live and returning data. This is great news for everyone!

Admittedly the usable coverage of the UK is currently quite low thanks to a lot of winter cloud, but an image collected in December 2015 has a reasonable amount of southern England visible to the sensor. The images in this post are small subsets from various locations around Oxford and Milton Keynes, as well as one from SE Wales. The data comprises of 13 bands of radiometric information at spatial resolutions of 10m, 20m or 60m depending on the band. The revisit time is currently 10 days, but once the second Sentinel 2 satellite has been launched this will drop to 5 days!

At Geoger we are ready to use Sentinel 2 data as another open data/image source alongside existing sources such as Landsat 8.