Can we help you?

At Geoger Ltd. we often get asked about the sorts of things that can be done with spatial data or remotely sensed imagery. We can help you answer the following common questions, as well as many that you may have that are specific to your business or project:

  • What data do I need?
  • Who supplied the data?
  • How can I share the data?
  • Where are the data stored?
  • Which analyses can be applied to the data?
  • When were the data collected?
  • What conventions are used for data management?
  • Who owns the data?
  • How can I obtain more data?
  • What area does the data coverage represent?
  • Which licenses are needed
  • What software is needed?
  • Who can update the figures and maps?

When thinking about the data that you hold and the analyses that you want to apply to spatial datasets, you might want to consider the following questions. Contact Geoger and we can help you answer these and more.

  • How close are A & B?
  • What size is A or B?
  • How has A or B changed over time?
  • Where is A in relation to B?
  • Who owns A or B?
  • How much of A is there? [compared to B?]
  • When did A or B change?
  • How does A influence B?
  • What is the cost of implementing option C?
  • What is the timing of event D?