Doing business well

It’s a standard saying in business: the client comes first.

Recently, and most likely as a consequence of running Geoger, I have really become alert to this adage and what it really relates to. Two companies that I’ve recently had to deal with have embodied this business outlook.

  • Cartridge Save: Yep, they deal with printer supplies. But really efficiently. I need a new print cartridge – online form filled in – free next day delivery – and there it is – with a free pen (never underestimate the feel-good factor of a free pen!) and a nice sticker to put on your printer with their contact details for the next time you need more ink.
  • Enterprise Motors, Pickering: I was in Yorkshire and my car broke down. These guys were recommended so I gave them a call. Perfect service from start to finish – and I had my car back within a day as they knew I was just visiting – and I didn’t pay a premium for that, it was just part of the service.

What struck me, was that all that was required was a timely, cost-effective, correct and personal service, and that was what both of those companies delivered. Even if it was the same as would be delivered to the majority of their customers, it still felt personal. And the benefit for them? People like me singing their praises and recommending them on to new customers.