Insightly – CRM for small businesses

As a small (micro) business, efficient use of time is paramount. Finding tools that work for you rather than against you is key. If you are an SME or are thinking of setting up a small business, then have a look at Insightly. This customer relationship management (CRM) software is easy to use and integrates nicely with other tools that you might already be using, or considering. Through this integration you can keep track of your clients and contacts, understand when you first met them, what you have worked on together and a host of other things. Each time a new opportunity comes in to the business you can set that up on the system and track how it is progressing, until that great moment when it gets converted to a live project. Tasks, milestones and events (usually meetings) can all be linked to a given opportunity or project and then synchronised back to your mobile device or usual calendar software. Although it doesn’t implement Gantt charts, it is a pretty useful project management tool – and to be honest, Gantt charts can be variable in their utility.