Geospatial User Group

At the end of September, I attended the Geospatial User Group hosted by SterlingGeo.  I was only able to be there for one of the two days, but as with previous years it was a brilliant and excellently managed event. If you haven’t been then you should consider attending next year. It is a mix of presentations about the direction and products available from Intergraph, ERDAS and FME, how end users are implementing software and data in a host of diverse ways and practical demonstrations of the software. Diversifying the workshop presenters to include specialists from Intergraph and FME really added to the depth of the offering this year. Highlights for me included an engaging presentation from Andrew Fleming of BAS about how imagery and data are helping them in the polar regions, as well as a detailed introduction to Geospatial Server Performance from Colin Bertram of Intergraph.

The best thing about this meeting though is how welcoming the atmosphere is. It really does feel as if everyone is there with one thing on their mind – to geek out about geospatial, whether that’s hardware, software or data. And the location helps: post-conference drinks in the panelled rooms of Eynsham Hall does make it all seem a bit special. I, as Geoger Ltd, am certainly looking forward to the event in 2015!