RSPSoc TOPSIG session


I’m happy to confirm that there will be a TOPSIG (Technical and Operational Procedures Special Interest Group) session at the RSPSoc Annual Conference again this year. The session will be on Wednesday 3rd September at 11:00 and will include the following presentations:

  • Alastair Graham: Openness in Remote Sensing
  • Peter Bunting: Atmospheric Radiometric Correction of Satellite Imagery (ARCSI) – Open Source software for automatic pre-processing of optical satellite imagery
  • Alison Waterfall: CEDA (The Centre for Environmental Data Archival), JASMIN and CEMS
  • Veronique Morel: An online tool for delivering spatial data and research results to a wide range of users and stakeholders
  • Andy Wells: 25 years on – what are organisations really doing with imagery?
  • Steve Keyworth: EO in industry: make the case, deliver the benefits

I’m really looking forward to this one as the breadth of topics is pretty exciting. See you there!