Times are changing

On Tuesday (15 April) I was fortunate enough to attend the 2014 RSPSoc Wavelength conference, where I had been asked to present a keynote talk. I thought about various different topic ideas, but decided that the audience might be interested to know a little context regarding the industry they are looking to get jobs in. I gave an overview of some of the changes I’ve seen since the mid-1990s (and some of those I had heard about from my early employers), and looked at some of the skills that students now require in a very competitive job market. The talk links in somewhat with an article I had published in Geoconnexion magazine. The talk went down well and I had some very interesting discussions during the conference poster session about certain points that I raised. I had a great day at the conference and met some very engaged and enthusiastic delegates – an edited version of the keynote slide-pack can be accessed here.

As an aside… as if by chance the guys over at Very Spatial were talking about 20 years of the OGC in their podcast. It’s well worth a listen, and some similar points get made about how the systems, data and techniques we use today have changed for the better, due to the efforts of groups such as the OGC.